DNSBL Report Notes

This list makes no representation about the accuracy of any included DNSBLs. They are provided for research purposes only.

DNSBL queries are performed using a caching resolver. Response times will not be representative of actual DNSBL response time when results are fetched from cache. If listed response times average less than 50ms, the DNSBL results are likely being fetched from cache.

DNSBLs listed as "Inactive" may or may not be online and responsive. "Inactive" DNSBLs include services which are offline or those that regularly exhibit excessive response times (10 sec+).

Response times are colored green if below 200ms and red if above 750ms. Response times between 200ms and 750ms are colored orange.

DNSBLs referenced by the DS200 Revision 8 Filter are denoted with the icon.

DNSBL tag names may be clicked to view specific infmation about the lookup test performed.

DS200 filter scores for the specified IP address are displayed at the end of the list. Displayed scores only include the raw DNSBL produced score component and do not include non-DNSBL scoring factors such as missing reverse DNS.

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DNSBL Lookup Report